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   Labor Finders of NC was founded in 1993 for the purpose of providing individuals with employment and businesses with employees.  On average we employ over 7000 individuals a year and serve over 1700 businesses. This establishes us as a major employer and temporary staffing services supplier in the State of North Carolina.

  Our growth continues in dramatic style because of our dedication to fulfilling our niche for qualified workers, able to perform in areas not normally addressed by our competitors.  We take great pride in our ability to perform to our strength, and in so doing, offering you a choice when it comes to personnel support services. We offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring employees on your own.

  Besides sending you the right person for the job, we pay for the advertising, the administrative cost of processing and employing them and the cost of the FICA, Medicare, federal and state unemployment insurance as well as the workers' compensation premiums. 

  This can save you as much as 25% compared to doing it yourself. which allows you to match your work force to your workload every day. Our personnel, in our office and at your site, are selected because of their ability to get the job done. Since performance is the criteria that separates mediocrity from excellence, our growth signifies that we have been doing a very good job at delivering what we promise for a very long time. 



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Labor Finders is the leading temporary provider to many industries such as:





Equipment Operators   



 Skilled Tradesmen  




Food Prep    

 Maritime workers    


 CDL Drivers


We provide a cost effective solution to an ever growing list of customers such as: 
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